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photo | The equipment.

The Cameras

Canon Powershot A75

This is my first digital camera and it's still going strong. I carry it everywhere in the bottom of my bag so it's put up with a lot of punishment over the years. The photos are suprisingly good quality and I find it's perfect for my web work.

Canon Powershot A620

This was bought as a replacement for the above camera. Canon just seem to get the processing just right on their cameras. The 7mp and manual controls mean I use this for most of my work now.

Cosina SLR

I have had the camera for years. A basic SLR that still takes the best photos of all the cameras I've had. I'm using it less now. It's easier to take a smaller camera around and I don't like having to get them photos processed each time! I use a few lenses with this camera namely a 70mm-300mm zoom, 10mm-22mm wideangle, 60mm macro, and a normal 35-70mm lens.

The Accessories

Light Box

I have a custom built light tent that I designed and built myself. I use it for everything that will fit because of the control it gives. Otherwise I'll use a backdrop and various reflectors.

Primary Lighting

The main lighting for the tent is provided by four flourescent lights that I made myself. (are you noticing a theme yet? - more to come on this in the future.)

Suplemental Lighting

For highlights and definition I use either a range of small halogen lights, LED lights and low powered spotlights.

The Lab


My all powerful Tiny computer! 1.8ghz of Pentium 3 power projected on to 21" of Hitachi history. It does the job and doesn't complain too much for it's age.


What else? Aided and abeted buy a small collection of plugins that I rarely use.

Pixma Printer

Used for printing tests and trying new things before going to the printers. Folds up looking very shiny, black and sleek.

The Sidebar

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