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Photography and I

My Work

Many of my shots are spur of the moment, whether it's on holiday or just out and around town, I like to carry my a camera as much as possible. If I see something I like I'll have a go, simple as that.

How do you work?

I rarely stick to one particular style or method, it all depends on the circumstance. I like taking quick photos. I'll often find a subject I like and rattle off a few shots from different angles and different settings to see what happens.

On a more professional note, if I'm working on something specific I will spend time setting up the scene to make sure I'm getting the best possible shots. This can take a while but I like to get it just right before I begin workling properly.

The Specifics


I switch between three cameras, my old A75 goes most places with me, I use an A620 for almost everything else now, and I also have a Cosina SLR.

Indoors I have my own, custom built lightbox for product photography and a selection of lights to enable a wide range of effect. If you are bored you can have a read in a bit more detail.

Post Processing

I'm also a believer in image manipulation. That's not to say I use it a lot but if I feel it's necessary or beneficial I have no qualms about firing up Photoshop. Sometime even the dullest photos can be turned into works of art.

I know many people are of the opinion that this destroys the authenticity of photography but is it really that different from all the time spent manipulating light and subject in search of the right image? I think not.

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