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Photographic Services

I am experienced with product photography, through the work I have undertaken, so I can take care of any shots that my be necessary during the project. I also offer photo restoration and image manipulation services, plese read below for more information.

Photo Restoration

Do you have some cherished photos that are looking a bit old and tired? I can smarten up any picture you might have, remove unwanted items that spoil the image and even mend ripped prints.

Restored photos commonly have retouched blemishes, improved colour balance, contrast and sharpness. These services use non-destructive digital methods, meaning your originals are returned to you unaltered.

Image Manipulation

Whether it be confined to tidying up dust marks or making wholesale changes to the image elements, image manipulation can be highly advantageous for both personal and commercial applications.

Services can include something as simple as removing an extraneous tree branch from a photograph or as complex as extracting or rearranging individual components of an image. In a commercial context, removal of distractions such as power lines or vehicles can considerably improve the quality of presentation.

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