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Website Design


I can provide a comprehensive and engaging solution to your web design needs. Through close communication with my clients I aim to create unique, attractive and accessible web sites that comply to the latest industry standards and aid the development of a strong internet presence.


All of my sites are tested on all major browsers including Internet Explorer 6, Opera, Firefox, and Netscape. Where ever possible I will adhere to the latest web standards set forward by the W3C and WAI

Useability, Accessability and Web Standards

It seems like there are buzz words flying everywhere. What it boils down to is simple, efficient designs that communicate their message to as wide an audience as possible. Adhering to the latest web standards aids the accessing of your website sucessfully on a range of media.

Redesign & Recoding


Maybe your current website isn't delivering what it promised, you've updated your stationary or things are simply looking tired. A complete redesign always adds a fresh look and can also be an opportunity to expand on what is already in place.


Redeveloping your site to bring it up to date with web standards, converting existing, underlying code to valid, semantically correct markup. Some of the benefits include: making your site more accesable, efficient and easier to maintain.

Search Engine Work

Search Engine Optimisation

Getting the most out of your website is important and can be a problem if nobody can find it. Optimising your website for search engines greatly improves the chance of being found easily. I can offer a basic SEO package for a fraction of the cost of some well known companies without diluting the service.

Site Analysis

I can provide you site a comprehensive report of how well your site is functioning and what improvements could be made, creating a more efficient and effective website that will benefit your company.


Animation & Interaction

Flash has come along way since the bloated intros of its early years. Now we have a more interactive and entertaining world the can be provided by few other technologies. From dancing banners to full sites and everything in between. If you are curious about what flash could do for you please get in touch.

Other Services

Can't see what you want?

If there are some other services or something that you think I may be able to help you with, that isn't listed above please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Something for nothing?

I am always interested in non-profit based ventures so if you think there is something I might be able to help you with then get in touch.

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